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Chip tuning

Just pay off

5 reasons why chip tuning is a great option

Chip tuning stands for repairing and upgrading your car electronics. Whether you’re travelling with your family on vacation or running your business, chip tuning will enhance the experience. Why? Here are five reasons. Chip tuning offers:


increased engine power by up to 20%


Higher maximum speed


Lower costs


Reduced consumption by up to 30%


Adapting the car entirely to your needs


If chip tuning is to be a good, successful investment that quickly pays off, then it needs to be done by proven experts who know their craft and... use reliable measuring equipment.

DynoProject’s certified rolling roads:
precision and high repeatability of measurement

Dynamometers that use every day are advanced measuring machines by a recognized company called DynoProject. What makes them stand out?

They measure engine power and torque with high precision. Let’s have a look at some facts.


Technical specifications for DynoProject’s rolling roads:

  • Maximum speed: 288 km/h
  • Maximum wheel torque: 1300 + Nm (for each axle)
  • Maximum power of 900 + HP (for each axle)
  • Maximum engine torque: 1000 + Nm (for each axle)


  • 1 second of a measurement is several thousand pieces of information about instantaneous torque value
  • Measurement repeatability is 0.1 KM
  • Data is gathered in real time
  • Tether straps provide superior traction of the car, which enables precise measurements

Collaboration with PowerSoft: a recognized
and valued tuning company

The conclusion?


We believe that real power lies in cllaboration. Our business partner is PowerSoft: a recognized and valued tuning company. Power Soft are professionals with decades of experience, who have cut their teeth on repairing and upgrading car electronics.

With our partnership you can be sure that each and every task, even the most complex one, will be done efficiently and reliably.

Dynamometer rolling roads at Auto Fix guarantee measurement precision and excellent car diagnostics.

They allow us to offer you best solutions that are fully tailored to your vehicle, because we take into account its make and how the engine is going to be used on the road. As a result, we’ll increase the modules’ lifespan and prevent unwanted failures. We’ll also eliminate filter-related problems.

That's not all ...

We will identify even the smallest and most unusual glitch. This way you can avoid additional future costs.

If chip tuning is to be a success and a good investment that will return to you in a short time, it must be carried out by verified experts who know the stuff and ... work on reliable measuring equipment.

Chip tuning at Auto Fix, see how easy it is!


Stage I Diagnostics

We verify the vehicle’s technical condition. We remove any faults.


Stage II Advanced Tests on DynoProject Rolling Road

After fixing the car on the rolling road, we take accurate measurements of engine power and torque. Advanced equipment allows us to test the car for various road conditions.


Stage III Diagnosis

We make a diagnosis and compile a check list with all work that needs to be done.


Stage IV Works on Electronics

Diagnosis is followed by an upgrade or repair work of car electronics.


Stage V Tests

To make you feel safe, we test and evaluate every change by performing a drive simulation.


Stage VI Handover of a Car

You get your car back when it’s ready to hit the road.


Stage VII Pure Pleasure of Driving

In this stage, we’re out of the picture, and it’s all about you and your machine. You’ll see that once you turn the key, you’ll immediately feel your engine’s enhanced power and enjoy new experiences behind the wheel!