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DPF Removal

For diesel engine owners


What is the single reason for worries of turbocharged engines also called diesel engines?

The answer is diesel particulate filter: DPF, FAP, EGR, etc. Mind that not every owner of a diesel engine suffers filter-related problems, however, it is such a common case that many people decide to remove the module.

What is DPF

DPF looks a bit like a catalytic converter. It is mounted in the exhaust system. What for? Its role is to filter exhaust gases from soot particles and ash. This way it protects the environment against pollution.

The underlying idea is noble, but actually, as it is often the case, theory and practice don’t go along well.

Clogged DPF Filter. A serious problem


As you may guess, harmful soot doesn’t disappear of itself but is deposited in the filter causing it to clog. As a consequence, you notice a warning sign on the dashboard and you feel the engine power went down... not cool.

However, those filters do have a self-cleaning feature. Residual soot particles are burned. Simple, right? Well, not necessarily.

If you want to achieve a proper burning process, you need to drive at a constant speed of about 60-90 km/h. It’s won’t happen in a city or in traffic jams. Now, if you do not meet this condition, you risk:

  • A drop in engine power
  • Exchanging the clogged filter for a new one (that’s expensive)
  • Engine damage in extreme cases

Also, DPF filter is often the cause of failures in various engine sub-assemblies or components. It reduces its lifespan and forces you to change oil more frequently.

What is more, as a result of unsuccessful and ineffective filter regeneration and damage to sensor components you are forced to exchange the filter for a new one, and many drivers opt for its removal.

How do we remove a DPF filter and why is it worth it?


At Auto Fix we remove a filter and install new software that recognizes the fact that the car has no DPF.

It is a tested method that protects you from additional costs, faults, and breakdowns.

If you are considering DPF removal, contact us now. We will answer any questions you may have.