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Our proposition

Auto Fix - your car in good hands



Hello, we are very pleased to welcome you on our site. If you care about your car and you want to make sure that it is in safe hands, you've come to the right place.

Think about this visit as an invitation and a first step to a better life: yours and your car's.

Things we can do for you

  • Chip tuning; repair and upgrade of car electronics
  • Removal of diesel particulate filter (DPF)
  • Service and diagnostics: including check-ups and technical inspection, identifying faults, repairing ECU and AIR BAG
    electronic modules, wheel alignments, etc.
  • Air conditioning maintenance
  • Key Coding : all types of vehicles (European and Asian cars)
  • Tyres
  • Rolling road

You may be asking yourself:

What guarantee can you give me for your services?
And would I choose your services?

5 reasons why you should choose Auto Fix


Increased engine power: 20%


Reduced consumption: 30%


Every screw tightened: 100%


Enhanced security: 100%


More driving pleasure: off the meter

It all started in 2004 with a trip to Kilkenny. That's where a garage was set up in only 4 years, and now each car that leaves it seems brand new: it’s safe and economical to use.

Since the beginning of our work (these eight years have passed very quickly) our guiding principle was the idea behind ​​BWO:

The safety of our customers:

After you pick up your car from us, you and your loved ones can safely get even to the farthest corner of the earth. Before we begin work, your car have a test drive and solid, reliable diagnostics. A state-of-the-art, certified DynoProject rolling bed will handle your car.

The convenience of our customers


Just give us your car’s registration number and in an instance you'll see a complete history of repairs, check-ups and all the works we have done for you. You don’t have to remember anything. All the data is stored in our system: Electronic Vehicle Health Check. It allows us to quickly make diagnosis, work efficiently, and save your valuable time.

EVHC is not only about control and data storage. It is also a system for information management. A mechanic working on your car saves all the data in an electronic form on special hardware. The data is automatically transmitted to the system’s central component. The outcome? All the information in not only available but also secured. Paper is entirely eliminated from documentation flow, which is good for environmental protection. With EVHC we can:

  • Read and send you all details regarding your car and at any time
  • Automatically send you notifications about upcoming and suggested works
  • You can easily plan future works and related costs (e-mails, text messages)
  • Automate document management to speed up all operations
  • Each of our employees perfectly knows your car, even if he did not take part in any repairs

In addition, upon your request we can share with you a recording of the work done on your vehicle. We do all this to make you feel safe and confident.
With Auto Fix everything is under your control!

Saving the money of our Clients

When you decide to leave your car at our garage, don’t be surprised if during lunch time you receive a notification about your brake pads’ wear (EVHC).

With fast interventions you will avoid more serious failures, extend the your car’s lifespan and eliminate unnecessary costs. Probably you’ve already realized more than once in your life that prevention translates into serious savings.