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Rolling road

Performance precision


DynoProject‘s dynamometer rolling roads: equipment chosen by professionals

We won’t write at length about the numerous advantages of DynoProject rolling roads, a measuring equipment we use for work. We will only present hard facts.

DynoProject machines for the Best

With DynoProject rolling roads:

  • measurement repeatability of engine power and torque is 0.1 KM
  • all data is collected in real time. Every second equals a few thousand pieces of information that we use for repairs and upgrades of electronics
  • a weather station continuously monitors environment conditions. Air temperature and atmospheric pressure are constantly monitored. The results, therefore, are always accurate. With dependable parameters we can optimize the electronics of every machine to the maximum, so that it is convenient and economical in use.
  • car tests run smoothly, because the measuring equipment is intuitive and easy to use. The result? You can be sure that the motor is safe during the test. Moreover, fast diagnosis means less time spent on repairs and... quick results and a new, improved driving comfort, which you will enjoy in no time.

In addition:

  • electrolytically coated fastening straps (knurled with a straight knurling wheel) increase car traction and make the vehicle stable while testing. This enables us to achieve very accurate results.
  • maximum drive speed during a test can be as much as 288 km/h.
  • a fan protects the motor from overheating.

If you decide to leave your car to us, you can rest assured that it will be taken care of by experts, who will use all their expertise backed up by state-of-the-art technology.

We do not rely on ready-made, pre-established solutions.
We approach each car as an individual case, because we know that each car is different.