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If you decide to use our services, you will be sure that you and your loved ones will be safe during each travel.


Regular servicing of a car does not only give security, but also money saving. Why?
When we react on time to the disturbing signals and we entrust our car to the specialists, we will significantly eliminate the need for larger, and therefore more expensive repairs.

In Auto Fix we provide works, which affect safety of driving, extend engine life, improve appearance, and significantly increase comfort for both driver and passengers.

Regular car service and Diagnostics mean Profit

Here are some of the works that we will do for You:

  • Replacement of engine oil
  • Replacement of brake pads
  • Skimming discs
  • Repairs of electonics, air bag etc.
  • Repairs of automatic and manual gearbox
  • Engine repair
  • Wheel alignments
  • Replacement of suspensions
  • Repair or removing DPF, FAP, EGR
  • Tyre change and selling
  • Replacing filters

Diagnostics includes examination of:

  • Braking system
  • Steering system
  • Suspension system
  • Electrical system
  • Operating fluids
  • Tyres (tires exchange)

In addition, with Auto Fix Guide you will have air conditioning serviced and your 3D wheels alignments.

Thanks to us, nothing will surprise you on the road and your car will be safe and much more economical in use.

Key encoding


Broken key? Destroyed housing and buttons? Faulty electronics? In Auto Fix, we will easily solve this problem! And you will freely use your car again.

We will repair any key, regardless of its type and origin of the car.

Duplicating keys is simple. However, in addition to housing, it is necessary to take care of the electronics of the device. Without efficient electronics, a key with immobiliser will be useless. A car will not start.

In Auto Fix, you are sure that your key will be aesthetic, functional, durable, and fully ready for use. It is enough to put it into the ignition, turn smoothly you and and you’re ready to go!